Bad News Bear

Yōikoma 123

Yōikoma 第123話 - Bad News Bear 「容易 コマ」

Bonus Panel

Yōikoma 第123話 - Bad News Bear 「容易 コマ」(BONUS)

Yōikoma 123

I apologize for the infrequent update schedule on Omake Theater as of late. I would like to say it has reached its zenith, but alas it has not. I am working on multiple behind-the-scenes projects right now. A couple of these directly affect Omake Theater, while others do not. I'd like to go into further details, but I am superstitious when it comes to projects currently in development. If I reveal them prematurely, they have a tendency to never materialize, but if I keep quiet about their progress, they inevitably appear.

What I will say is thank you for your patience and continued support. I greatly appreciate it.

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