Frequently Asked Questions

What is Omake Theater?

Omake Theater is a unique collection of parody comics and animations that poke fun at topics from all corners of the pop culture universe. It is also the specific title for the video section of this website and some of the videos, as well.

How do I contact Omake Theater?

You can reach Omake Theater by using the following email address:

How often does Omake Theater update?

Every section of Omake Theater has its own update schedule. For more information about specific content, I recommend visiting the individual pages.

When did Omake Theater first launch?

The very first post to appear on Omake Theater was a Friday 4Koma comic. It went live on November 20, 2009.

Where did Omake Theater get its name?

Omake means "extra" or "bonus." A lot of different anime and manga offer bonus sections, that are not usually considered canon, under the heading "Omake Theater." Knowing this premise and the fact that the domain was available back in 2008, Omake Theater got its name.

Who creates Omake Theater?

The same guy who creates everything else on Omake Theater. Just call him Onii-san.

Does Omake Theater accept guest strips?

Unfortunately, no. For better or for worse Omake Theater is pretty much a one person show.

What is Omake Theater's privacy policy?

Omake Theater takes your privacy seriously. You can view our complete privacy policy here.