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  • 2010年7月27日Glimpse Behind the Scenes

    Glimpse Behind the Scenes

    A lot of you have been asking how the Friday 4Koma's artwork is created. This is a basic rundown of the process: For starters, Friday 4Komas are laid out more like an animation than...

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  • 2010年4月28日Game Development Blog #1

    Game Development Blog #1

    Currently working on the very first game for Omake Theater. As of right now the game is about 45% complete. Still anticipating an early to mid-May release date. But while you wait...

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  • 2009年12月29日Main Page Update

    Main Page Update

    The main page to Omake Theater is finally finished updated. When the site launched, the home page that was there was nothing more than of a filler page of sort until the final version...

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  • 2009年12月11日Looking Good!

    Looking Good!

    The computer problems that cause last week's Friday 4Koma to not launch on time have been resolved. Also, looking to do some minor design tweaks to the main page before Omake Theater...

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  • 2009年11月25日First Friday 4Koma Updated

    First Friday 4Koma Updated

    Made a drastic style change to the very first Friday 4Koma. This is the style that all the comics to follow will have. Plus, added the avatar related to this comic into the goodies...

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