Friday 4Koma 400

Friday 4Koma

Friday 4Koma 第400話 - Friday 4Koma 「4コマ漫画」

Friday 4Koma 400

For anyone familiar with how anime episodes are titled, you already know what the name of today’s comic means. For everyone else, after ten years, I have just released the final Friday 4Koma comic.

Five years ago, I decided I would bring this ongoing series to a close after its 400th strip. At the time, I hadn’t even reached my 150th comic, and even making it to the 200th seemed like a lofty goal. Yet, five years later, I met said lofty goal and then doubled it…like a boss!

I already have plans to launch a KickStarter campaign in the upcoming months to collect every Friday 4Koma into a single 200+ page full-color paperback collection. I truly look forward to the day where I can hand my book to someone else and say, “Here! This is ten years of my life. I hope you enjoy.”

I love Friday 4Koma, I always have and always will. I also love creating webcomics/comics and have no intentions to stop making them. Yōikoma will continue updating weekly and, if you follow Omake Theater on social media, you already know that the Rock is coming very soon. So a drought of content on Omake Theater is definitely nothing to be concerned about.

With all that said, let me also say thank you. Thank you for all of your patronage and for making Friday my favorite day of the week for the past ten years. I couldn’t have done this without your support. That is the honest truth. Thank you.