Meme a Little Meme

Yōikoma 81

Yōikoma 第81話 - Meme a Little Meme 「容易 コマ」

Bonus Panel

Yōikoma 第81話 - Meme a Little Meme 「容易 コマ」(BONUS)

Yōikoma 81

When I first came across the Dolly Parton Challenge, a.k.a. LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram / Tinder Profile Pictures, I thought to myself, "This meme template is perfect for Yōikoma"! I just needed to think of what to do for the bonus panel...

My original thoughts were to use either MySpace or Google+ and just leave the panel blank, but I felt that was the cheap way out. Then, I thought about TikTok. I don’t actually have a TikTok account, but I do see a lot of those "Look Like A Meme Challenges" pop up on Twitter and YouTube. So, I went with that.

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