Do Me a Solid

Yōikoma 3

Yōikoma 第3話 - Do Me a Solid 「容易 コマ」

Bonus Panel

Yōikoma 第3話 - Do Me a Solid 「容易 コマ」(BONUS)

Yōikoma 3

If you are unfamiliar with the Metal Gear franchise, allow me to familiarize you with a quick tidbit of information. The overall main protagonist of the Metal Gear series is David, who goes by the codename "Solid Snake." Now, even though David is an all-around swell dude, he is also a clone of the series' overarching antagonist, Big Boss. Before Big Boss became a big baddy, he was a member of the CIA, and operated under the codename "Naked Snake." He is also the protagonist in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. And, there you go!

I had originally intended to use Solid Snake himself in this comic, but a naked Naked Snake seemed much more appropriate. The unfortunate trade-off was that the average person wouldn't know that Solid Snake is not the main protagonist of every Metal Gear Solid game. Oh, well.
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