Early Morning of the Dead

Yōikoma 137

Yōikoma 第137話 - Early Morning of the Dead 「容易 コマ」

Bonus Panel

Yōikoma 第137話 - Early Morning of the Dead 「容易 コマ」(BONUS)

Yōikoma 137

It’s been awhile. The abridged explanation is that my computer crashed, and then stuff happened. Now the longer version…

Back in January, my computer of ten years finally bit the big one. The good news was that all of the source files for the comics and such were safe. The bad news was that all of the shortcuts, brush sizes, and automated actions that I used to create Yōikomas were lost. Besides that, I had been using older versions of applications (i.e. Manga Studio instead of Clip Studio Paint) and I had to relearn a lot of functionality. Outside of my personal production schedule, there were some personal matters that transpired.

Needless to say, days turned into weeks, which inevitably turned into months, and here we are.

But I've been pacing myself for a little while now, as I have been building a backlog of strips. I'm going to do my best to stick to a Monday update schedule for the website going forward.

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