Superheroics is its Own Reward

Yōikoma 106

Yōikoma 第106話 - Superheroics is its Own Reward 「容易 コマ」

Bonus Panel

Yōikoma 第106話 - Superheroics is its Own Reward 「容易 コマ」(BONUS)

Yōikoma 106

I couldn't help but be reminded of one of the earliest Friday 4Koma comics while creating this strip.

I've seen countless anime characters suffer from blood loss over the years. It's a very common anime trope. With that said, my favorite character to repeatedly suffer from this affliction would have to be Kouta Tsuchiya, a.k.a. Muttsurini, from Baka and Test. Unlike other series that would treat the character like their perverted thoughts were the problem, Baka and Test tackles it like he was the unfortunate victim of some nervarious deed. Some random person or haphazard event unexpectedly wounded him while he was trying to do something lecherous. Such a good twist on this usually predictable trope.

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