Unexpected Consequences of Working from Home

Unlike a lot of other webcomic creators on the Internet, I haven't really had a desire to create comics for a living. For me, Omake Theater has always been my own personal escape. Unfortunately, this entire COVID-19 thing has affected my natural workflow considerably.

My Daily Routine

On a normal weekday, I would get up in the morning, go to work and then, when I finally got home, I would be excited to create new content for the Internet. Since I've been working exclusively from home, I get up in the morning, go to my home office to work and then, when the day is done, my only desire is to get as far away as possible from my computer. Gone are my daily commutes home, where I would ponder about brand new ideas of things to create.

"Why don't you do your work somewhere else?"

My nine-to-five is in the IT (information technology) industry. As such, the multi-monitor setup in my office is an ideal station for my work. As far as creating comics elsewhere, well I am a digital artist. Besides occasionally creating rough sketches on scrap paper, everything else is done inside the computer. And, once again, the setup in my office with monitors (of which one is my Cintiq Pro) is essential to my creative process.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

The truth is that I am slowly motivating myself to create new comics. It's a bizarre situation to try to convince myself to do something that I just did before.

Even so, this cannot last forever. No, I am not talking about Omake Theater. As I have stated numerous times in the past, I enjoy doing this very much and have no intentions on stopping. I am referring to the Coronavirus. It has got to end sometime, right?

Reality or Just a Lame Excuse

Personally, I'd like to consider this a lame reality. That said, I will try to work hard to motivate my unmotivated self to create more comics. As always, I appreciate your continued support and hope everything returns to normal sooner than later. Thank you.