Thank You for Your Patience

Before going any further, I want to preface this article by saying that I have no intentions of ending Omake Theater. I’ve constantly reiterated how much I enjoy creating new content for this website and will continue to do so for many more years.

That said, over the weekend I watched a video from Clownfish TV called “Why Webcomics Suddenly END: Free Comics Explained!”. In the video, they discuss what goes into creating webcomics and the angry response from their audience when real-world issues creep into the comic creation schedule.

Why Webcomics Suddenly END: Free Comics Explained! (video)

To that, I want to say thank you. Omake Theater’s audience has been nothing short of amazing. My highly erratic schedule since COVID could have easily been met with upset comments, but it never has.

As I mentioned in an earlier article since COVID my home office has become my work office. My once creative sanctuary has become my daily work routine. Instead of driving home toward creative escapism, I walk away from my 9-to-5. There are additional reasons, but I’ve always preferred to keep personal matters separate from my creative endeavors.

I will continue making Yōikomas and I do have new projects on the horizon, but I hesitate to prematurely announce them. I also need to make sure I stick the landing next time, too.

As I said, after watching their video I felt compelled to give a brief update and thank everyone for their continued patronage. I am still very much alive and appreciative. Thank you.