Master Splintering

Instagram is a fickle creature. Their algorithm seems to rewards brand consistency over variety. This means Omake Theater having an account with three varied art directions (i.e. Friday 4Koma, Yōikoma and In Another World as a Rock) is not looked upon positively by them. If I had to guess, it is probably because of the way post thumbnails are presented inside their app.

So, just for Instagram, I am taking a page from Chris Hallbeck’s book and splitting my individual series into their own unique accounts.

Yōikomas and Mini-Yōikomas will be available under @yoikoma_comics. I have already begun sharing older comics there and will begin including brand new strips to this account as they are created.

In Another World as a Rock will be available under @rockmanga_comics. This account is a tad bit more finicky than the others, as it needs to have its comics present in chronological order. Fortunately, its archive is drastically smaller than any of the other series. I will add one new strip each day to this account until it is caught up and then update as regularly scheduled after that.

I created a new account to showcase the older Friday 4Koma comics. Those will be available under @4koma_comics. I will probably add one or two strips a week to this account. If you’ve already read the series, this is not anything new. This is mainly to attract new readers unfamiliar with the brand or those who want to revisit past content.

Lastly, I will continue to use the Omake Theater account (i.e. @omaketheater). Through this account, I will share images and photos related to Omake Theater as a whole or even videos. Remember kids, Omake Theater was supposed to be a website for animated shorts. November is the 10-year anniversary of the website. I should probably get one done before then or else you guys might think I am dragging my feet.

As I mentioned earlier, this in only for Instagram. If you follow Omake Theater on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, updates on these platforms will continue to be business as usual. I apologize for any confusion. I tried to make this as clean as possible. Also, I would really appreciate anyone who uses Instagram to start following the series that you like. I do run ads on the website, so not viewing them on here doesn’t hurt the bottom dollar. Regardless, thank you for your continued support and understanding.