Eagle Island's Complete Overworld Map

The content of this article is definitely inconsistent with the rest of the content that normally appears on Omake Theater, but allow me to explain.

What is Eagle Island?

Eagle Island is a rogue-like metroidvania game where you take control of Quill and his loyal owl companion ,Koji, as they attempt to save Koji's sibling, Ichiro, from the powerful Guardian Eagle, Armaura.

Quill and Koji from Eagle IslandQuill and Koji from Eagle Island


Back in 2017, I helped crowdfund this game on Kickstarter, and in 2019 the title was released on the Nintendo Switch, Steam and GOG. Now in 2020, I finally got a chance to sit down and play the game. Thanks Corona!

When I was nearing the end of the game, I was having a little trouble finding the last dungeon (not the Lair, I knew where that was). I'm not too proud to admit that I did look on the Internet for help. Unfortunately, I could not find any maps that showed where this missing dungeon was located. Inevitably, I did figure out where that place was hiding.

After finishing the game (I got the Completionist trophy for completing 100% of story mode #HumbleBrag), I decided to create an image of the complete Overworld map using my own exploration of the title, just in case someone needed it in the future.

Eagle Island's Complete Overworld Map (click to enlarge)Eagle Island's Complete Overworld Map (click to enlarge)


I know all the dungeons and warp points are present on this map. To the best of my knowledge, I also added all of the hidden rooms and paths, as well. If people who have also played the game notice any areas that I might have missed, please let me know.

One Last Thing

Just so there's no misunderstanding, this is not a paid endorsement of the title. I just compared my website to all of the various social media platforms attached to Omake Theater and felt this was the best place to share the map so someone could actually find it in the future.

No, Omake Theater is not turning into a gaming website. To be completely honest, this is a one time thing. Still, I did enjoy the game. So, if you like randomly generated roguelike games (i.e. Dead Cells) then you will probably like this title, as well.