Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Beginning on Monday, there is going to be a major update to In Another World as a Rock, as well as an overall schedule adjustment for the month of June. Going forward, this series will be in full-color and sport the psuedo-animated style that Friday 4Koma was known for. Unfortunately, that means there will be no new comics next month. I need some additional time to allow myself the necessary breathing room to update the existing comics to match this new style choice. As the pages are refreshed, I will share the new versions via the various social media platforms.

New Look for SeriesNew Look for Series

Coming to this decision was not an easy choice for me to make, but since I plan on creating these comics for a very long time, I needed to do what will make me happiest going forward. I realized after the latest comic that I do not like drawing backgrounds in a more traditional comic all honesty, I hate it. I also have a problem adding additional lines just for the sake of adding details. To the contrary, I do enjoy making painted style backgrounds like those found in animated series. This, factored in with my own personal belief that I am forcing myself into an art style which isn't my own, has lead me to this conclusion.

I have always wanted there to be an overall consistency throughout the look of this series. As such, rather than going back in the future to update the art direction of older strips or simply ignore their look, I decided to clean up this mess now and then move forward accordingly.

I plan on doing my best to finish updating all of the strips before the end of June while resharing the content as it is completed. In the interim, all of the current 12 strips and their accompanying posts will remain on the site with only their artwork changing throughout next month.

As of right now, I anticipate this series being between 900 - 1500 comics to tell the entire story. Creating strips in a style that I am already intimately familiar with will make the experience considerably more enjoyable for me and should also help to expedite the process so I can release new comics more often.

I am sorry for the delay, but I truly appreciate your patience as I overcome this persnickety situation.