V is For...

Mini-Yōikoma 79

Mini-Yōikoma 第79話 - V is For... 「容易 コマ」

Mini-Yōikoma 79

Really...five years?

It should feel like a more impressive milestone, but when you factor in the erratic schedule of the series since COVID and the fact that I created Friday 4Koma for ten years before finally ending it, it feels a lot less impactful. Regardless, I have still created 213 comics for the overall run so far (i.e. 133 Yōikoma, 79 Mini-Yōikoma and one Maxi-Yōikoma).

How much longer will Yōikoma run for? Only time can tell, but what I can say is somewhere between one day and infinity. Hopefully that helps to clear things up a little bit.

Nonetheless, thank you for all your continued patronage over the past five years. I greatly appreciate it.

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