Ask the Magic 8-Ball

Mini-Yōikoma 69

Mini-Yōikoma 第69話 - Ask the Magic 8-Ball 「容易 コマ」

Mini-Yōikoma 69

After Metroid 5 a.k.a. Metroid Dread was revealed at E3, I had to Google which game in the series was the fourth entry. That game is Metroid Fusion. I did not know that.

Metroid Fusion is one of only two games in the franchise I have actually completed. The other is Metroid: Zero Mission. So, since I completed Zero Mission, does that technically mean I also completed the original? Maybe.

I consulted my magic 8-ball to see whether or not I was going to purchase this game title. Its response was "Better not tell you now". Well, that was ominous.

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