The Super Crown Affair

Friday 4Koma 379

The Super Crown Affair - Friday 4Koma 第379話

Friday 4Koma 379

Sonic says, "Gotta go fast!", but Sonicette says, "Gotta fall flat!"

Allow me to add a little backstory to this comic. In the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, when Toadette collects a super crown, she transforms into Peachette, a look-alike version of Princess Peach. After this new power up's ability was revealed, @ayyk92 created a comic where Bowser uses a super crown to transform into Bowsette. From here, many other people created many more mashups of different characters becoming Princess Peachified.

Today's Friday 4Koma featuring Sonicette is my addition to this meme.