Friday 4Koma that Could have Been…

Friday 4Koma 32

Friday 4Koma that Could have Been… - Friday 4Koma 第32話

Friday 4Koma 32

This is the original art design for the Friday 4Koma [金曜日4コマ]. It was loosely based on the art direction of the Puyo Puyo [(ぷよぷよ] game series.

You see the original plan for Omake Theater was that the videos/animations to be the main draw to the site and the Friday 4Komas to me nothing more than a pleasant end of the week distraction. That's why the art style was much more simplistic. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I noticed early on that it would be a long while before I had the time to start working on those animations for the site. So rather than just leave the site in perpetual limbo I updated the quality of the Friday 4Komas and that's why they no longer look like the 4koma you see above.

In case you didn't realize, today's 4koma is the original version of the very first Friday 4Koma. I just felt like sharing a little background history with you.