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  • 2012年1月31日Rebuilding Planet Namek

    Rebuilding Planet Namek

    It's been a while since I've posted any behind the scenes content. So here are few shots in the process of recreating Planet Namek for the most recent Friday 4Koma. Initial Sketch...

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  • 2011年4月18日Flashing Female Exposed

    Flashing Female Exposed

    I had a lot of fun, albeit time consuming, creating the background for the latest Friday 4Koma. So I decided to share a few snapshots of it during the creation process. Initial Sketch...

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  • 2011年3月1日Background Information

    Background Information

    In the previous post I gave a quick overview of how the Friday 4Komas are laid out with the main focus on the character creation process. This article continues the behind the scenes...

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  • 2010年7月27日Glimpse Behind the Scenes

    Glimpse Behind the Scenes

    A lot of you have been asking how the Friday 4Koma's artwork is created. This is a basic rundown of the process: For starters, Friday 4Komas are laid out more like an animation than...

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  • 2010年4月28日Game Development Blog #1

    Game Development Blog #1

    Currently working on the very first game for Omake Theater. As of right now the game is about 45% complete. Still anticipating an early to mid-May release date. But while you wait...

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