About Mini-Yōikoma

What is Mini-Yōikoma?

Mini-Yōikoma is a webcomic presented in a single panel format. Mini-Yōikoma is a gag-a-day strip that references a lot of popular anime and manga titles and usually stars the persona of Omake Theater‘s creator: Onii-san.

How often does Mini-Yōikoma update?

Mini-Yōikoma updates sporatically. These are usually the strips that run on weeks without a new Yōikoma.

When did Mini-Yōikoma first start?

The very first Mini-Yōikoma went live on September 4, 2017.

What does Mini-Yōikoma mean?

Mini-Yōikoma is a combination of mini and Yōikoma「容易コマ」which means “easy frames” in Japanese.

Who creates Mini-Yōikoma?

The same guy who creates everything else on Omake Theater. Just call him Onii-san.